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Gentrification: Coming Soon to a City Near You

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From The Editor’s Desk:
A Month of Madness

This month’s issue is our best ever! We really worked hard to put this one together. I have to give a special thanks to Paul, our photographer, for the great aerial shots he took in the leisure section. I heard he puked from the hot air balloon while shooting them from. I hope nobody was below when that happened. We can't really afford a lawsuit over here. We also cover some exciting fashion developments at NYC Fashion the and the preview of the upcoming Magic Show in Las Vegas. We really hope you enjoy.

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Designer of the Month: Barbara Benson

Barbara Benson dares to dream. Her dominance in the fashion industry continues to make her fans love her and he competitors fear her. You haven't even heard of fashion, if you don't know sho thos woman is. She talks to us about her latest product lines, her inspiration and the challenges of being a career woman and a family woman at the same time. The hardest working woman in the business -- We’ll get up close and personal and find out what makes this design genius tick.


With the economy in the worst condition than it’s been in decades, people are huddling around metropolitan areas in search of jobs. For those who are financially capable to invest, this is as great a time as ever to buy some low cost “uptown“ real estate. Property costs and interest rates are lower than ever. We’ll show you the best cities to pick up valuable properties for the low-low. There are more out there than you think.

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Weird Science: New Discoveries

Scientists are making bold discoveries in medicine and a number of other areas, using some very incommon sources of study. Check out the feature story in our Technology section... Read More

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Mood Lighting: Adding Accents

The ultimate accent to any room is unique lighting. Pimp your condo! We explore great and inexpensive ideas for fashionable mood lighting... Read More

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Transportation: At The Speed of Life

What cities have the best subways and mass transit systems? We do an honest analysis. Who is the dirtiest? Which city is the safest? ... Read More

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Closer than Close: We Review Ikon Camera's Latest DSLR

The industry leader, in all things photography, has done it again. The new Ikon D3640 camera delivers stunning details to all of your photos but it down close-ups like none other. The best thing about it, is the price tag. Now even the most thrifty shopper can become an macro millionaire overnight.

Take brilliant shots for commercial prints, home decorations or even computer monitor wallpapers. Coming in at a cool $350 USD, this camera is sure to be on a lot of Chrismas wish lists. We caught up with the product engineers and designers behind this new gadget at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.... Read More