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Political Pulse: Corruption on Capital Hill

As if all of the drama and scandals that come along with the race for the White House wasn’t enough? The real story is the news about the botched CIA operation dubbed Fast and Furious. One of the country’s leading intelligence agencies gambles with the safety of our citizens by handing over thousands of firearms to Mexican cartels. It may turn out to be the biggest breach of the CIA since the Iran Contra Affair and no one is talking about it. Well, we aren’t no one! Ummm... or something like that. We give you the hard facts and name all of the key players responsible for this flub... Read More

Grinding Halt:America’s Infrastructure Issues

Escalators in America’s malls, train stations an airports are in need of repairs. And you won’t believe how much it will cost us as a nation. See how this mulit-billion dollar nationwide upgrade effects residents and taxpayers in metropolitan areas... Read More.

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Behind Enemy Lines: Accidental Prisoners of War

image of barbed wire When Robert Winkle went on a trip to Asia with his college friends, he never thought that he would be accused of spying and end up in one of Libya’s worst camps for foreign prisoners. We have seen it happen all too often. Most recently a student from Georgetown University was detained in Egypt after being accused of throwing firebombs during a protest rally. We talk with three American citizens who were detained for 8 months while on travel. You won;t believe some of their stories ...Read More

Related News: The Killing Fields

Dramatic discoveries of mass graves in Syria. Tens of thousands of bodies discovered less than 100 miles outside of Damascus. Trying to Figure out who the victims are going to be an insurmountable feat. Originally, there were only 2,000 bodies attributed to the volitile protests outside of the capital city.

Now there is mounting speculation that there may be as many as 70,000 or more casualties of the Syrian government’s heavy handed response to what were once peaceful protests. As the protest and violence continue, The United Nations is moving forward with it’s plan to sanction send troops to protect the citizens. Time is running out for negotiations. We talk with the president of Syria in an exclusive interview... Read More

America’s Drug Problem: A Culture of Sorrow

Addiction is a prevalent issue al throughout American society. Recent changes to the federal laws against crack stands to see thousands of inmates released early for petty possession and addiction. What implications will this have on communities as the incarcerated return home in masses?

Cartels are wreaking havoc on our southern borders and nothing seems to stop the problem. We interview people, from addicts to lawmakers, about the realities of our epidemic. What some of them say will surprise you... Read More