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Optimal Design Solutions offers laser engraving & laser cutting services dedicated to helping designers, artists and even gift givers, create personalized unique artworks and objects. Our customers range from interior designers and furniture makers to jewelery makers and small business owners.

We sell a number of great gifts that you can also have engraved to add a personal touch for your co-worker, retiring manager, or just mom and dad. If you are interested in creating something more unique, we also do custom pieces and we can work with you to accomplish your vision.

The CO2 laser that we use is most effective with the materials listed on our engraving chart.

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Paper Creations

The thought of using a laser on paper may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but once you see what can be done, it’s obvious that there are a lot of great uses for it. We laser cut paper for all sorts of applications including stencils, decorations, arts and crafts. We also combine engraving and cutting with the laser on white-core and color core card stock to creates some interesting and fun things. This is great for scrap bookers, painters and designers. We even created out own company cards by engraving and cutting white-core card stock!

Technical Specs

Now it gets down to the details. The right file type can make a difference. Save time getting yourorder back to you by submitting vector art. Ou preferred file type is an EPS, but we also accept Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and CorelDraw files (.cdr). Other file,types are accepted as well, but there may be a charge fpr converting them into the optimal files for laser engraving. Raster files (JPG, PNG, TIFF and GIF) are accepted, but additional charges vary for each.

We are truly design nerds around here. Which is a great thing for you! We can handle almost any image file you give us... for the right prices.

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic is a fantastic material that has so many applications. Some of it’s versatility comes from the fact that it can be engraved or cut (up to about 3/8” thick) with our laser system. It is one of the best materials for signs and displays. There are a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from. Most acrylics offer a different color beneath the surface that is revealed when it is laser engraved. They can also come in opaque (colored and metallic), transparent (clear or with frosty finish, or translucent (with various color casts). We have a number of great acrylic awards for professional, academic or athletic achievements and even retirements. We can also engrave fun messages on custom cut coasters for any man cave.

Wood Gifts

Branded wood has a classic and timeless feel. Wood can come in a number of colors, finishes and types. We even do wood laminates, adding a whole new level of depth and sophistication to the ordinary. Wood can also be cut and routed to create great outlined edges for custom shaped designs. Paint color fills and metallic foils can be added to give a more regal touch. We do everything from wooden toy blocks and jewelry boxes, to executive pen sets. With so many applications, it’s just easier to look at some of our product offerings. You may even think of something we haven’t.

Optimal offers a wide variety of engravable wood products to meet your gift and branding needs. Most of our wood item come in a multitude of colors and finishes. If you want to add some extra flare to your product, you can also add color fills or foil overlays for a small additional cost. Click here to see more...

Mobile Gadgets

Mobile devices are all the craze. Like everything else we own, we all want to show a little style... and be able to set ourselves apart from everyone else with the same device. Laser engraving is the perfect solution. Optimal offers engraving on most mobile devices and cases. Ideal for any mobilde device with an aluminum outerbody. We can also engrave adn color fill a wide range of plastic and polymer cases on the market. Prices vary by device, so GET A QUOTE!

Leather Gifts

You don’t have to saddle up to appreciate a good leather. We engrave unique designs in leather for belts, coasters, luggage tags and wristbands. The laser creates beautiful detail to put a classic touch on any leather accessory. There's just something about the way it looks and feels that makes it a favorite of so many of our clients. We also Cut leather up to 1/2" thick, which opens up another world of possibilities. Ask us about our leather!

Who Are "We"?

Optimal Enterprise, LLC is a full service design company. Started by Kevin Anderson in 2008, Optimal has worked with all sorts of clients to deliver clear, and meaningful mesages in all forms of media. Let us help you to manifest your vision!

We provide the following services:

print& web design
logo design and branding
laser engraving & laser cutting
consulting services