yoritomo thumbnailPortrait of Yoritomo c.1179
by Fujiwara No Takanobu
violet flowersBlue Petals
red flag scrollsFlags of Honorshrine at Kannon templeHouse of Prayer
gates at DaibutsuGates at Daibutsubamboo treesBamboo Forest
Kannon TempleKannon Templebudhist scholor sculptureBuddhist Scholar
Stone LanternStone LanternGreat BuddhaGreat Buddha
DaibutsuDaibutsuinscense burnerInscense Burner
Choshoji TempleTemple at ChoshojiDownhill view of KannonDownhill view from Kannon
White FlowerWhite flowersPurple Flowers at KannonPurple flowers at Kannon
frog on a rockNature at HasederaGarden pillar at DaibutsuGarden Pillar
water garden at HaseHasedera Water GardenGiant Buddha StatueGiant Buddha (Daibutsu)
Goddess KannonGoddess KannonGuard Dog StatueGuardian of the gates
Prayer HousePrayer House at HasederaNumerous Buddha StatuesBuddha Statues
PillarPillar in Hasedera GardenEtched Pillar at DaibutsuEtched Pillar at Daibutsu
Stone Lantern at DaibutsuStone Lantern at DaibutsuShelter at DaibutsuA Shelter at Daibutsu
Sign Entering DaibutsuStone Lantern at DaibutsuRows of Buddhust idolsRows of Buddhust Idols
Temple at RyukojiTemple at RyukojiMoss garden at KokederaMoss Garden at Kokedera
Buddha's ShoesBuddha's ShoesShore of KamakuraShore of Kamakura
Shrine at KannonShrine at KannonShrine in Hasedera GardenWorship in the Garden
Statue with idols around himStatue in Hasedera GardenSign entering DaibutsuSign Entering Daibutsu
Sign Entering KannonSign Entering KannonLarge House of prayerLarge Prayer House ar Hasedera

All images photographed by site author, except Portrait of Yoritomo, Stone Lantern,
Temple at Choshoji, Temple at Ryukoji, and Moss Garden at Kokedera.

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